Thursday, May 18, 2017

Two Nights in Houston by Sofia Grey

Rock God Alex is in love with Sylvie, the bass guitarist in his band. Alex longs to tell her how he feels, but with the change and tragedy that have shaken her world, it never feels like the right time.

Event Horizon's two-night layover in Houston could either be the perfect opportunity, or the mistake that pushes her away.

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This book was fairly short and my review of it will be as well. For the most part, I think the 5 star rating I gave it speaks for itself here, though perhaps a bit more detail is in order. In short, I loved it. In long, I loved it and it was a completely satisfying read in the way that Lying in Shadows wasn't quite. It stayed focused on the two main characters, and while it didn't rush anything with finally getting Alex and Sylvie together, it also didn't drag things out for a needlessly long time or throw in a lot of unnecessary obstacles either. Two thumbs up and 5 bright stars to a wonderful, quick little read.

Warning: Some spoilers beyond the break

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Lying in Shadows by Sofia Grey

Marianne needs to find who's leaking secrets from her company, before they lose another major contract. What she doesn't need is an affair with her married boss. Even worse, to fall in love with him.

She discovers the security leak is more than a case of commercial espionage: someone is lying in the shadows, playing games with them. Now more than her heart and career are at stake--her life is on the line.

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Note: I received a free review copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I've made little secret in the past about how much I love Sofia Grey's Talisman series as well as the stand-alones that are set in the same world and involve some of the same characters. Thus I was fairly confident going into this one that I was going to love it just as much as I have all the others. We've met most of the main players here in previous books (and if you've read them you kind of have a few spoilers for some of what happens here), but there are a few new faces as well. Their stories here are engaging, and the writing is certainly up to Ms. Grey's usual standards, but something wasn't fully there for me with it as a whole. Perhaps I simply was deliberately staying disengaged from some of the characters because I knew from previous books generally how their story would play out, even if I didn't know the specifics. Or perhaps having to read it in bits and pieces over the course of several weeks as I have to read most things these days is to blame. Whatever the case, though it is definitely a solid 4 stars for me, perhaps pushing close to 4.5 stars even, there were a few things that were a bit off-putting for me.